$60 million to go towards repairing Minnesota bridges in 2022

MINNESOTA (KVRR) – Minnesota officials tout $60 million going towards bridge repairs this year.

The money is from the infrastructure law signed by President Biden last year.

The state’s Department of Transportation says 660 bridges in Minnesota are in poor condition.

The state knows all too well how important it is to have updated infrastructure. In 2007, the Interstate 35W bridge in Minneapolis collapsed killing 13 people.

Governor Tim Walz calls the plan “the biggest investment in infrastructure in a generation.”

“The biggest single investment in tribal transportation needs in our nation’s history. Our 11 sovereign nations will be able to take part in this to keep their infrastructure and their people safe and moving,” Walz explained.

One of the projects that could be considered is repairing four bridges on Interstate 94 in Douglas County. Bidding starts next year.

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