Cass County Jail is dealing with a spread of COVID

Staff identified the spread of COVID into one of the housing units.

CASS COUNTY, ND (KVRR) – The Cass County Sheriff’s Office reports the spread of COVID at the Cass County Jail.

Staff identified the spread of COVID into one of the housing units.

They do not know how many inmates are infected.

Nursing staff are working to test every inmate.

The Sheriff says no one is currently experiencing any medical difficulties.

The jail was operating under Isolation procedures when the COVID spread was detected.

A modified jail lockdown has been put into place for everyone’s safety and to help stop the spread throughout the facility.

In addition, a modified intake of individuals into the jail has been put into place to utilize space for additional intakes.

The Cass County Jail will still accept those individuals who pose a safety concern or risk to our community.

Anyone who may have a loved one at our facility should be reassured that Cass County Staff and Cass County Jail Medical Staff will work to do their best to keep inmates safe during this time and be responsive to any medical needs that may develop.

Inmates will remain on a modified lockdown, and modified intake procedures will remain in place until Jail Staff can get a handle on how many inmates were affected and can contain the spread.

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