Essentia Health is part of nationwide study evaluating medication for Covid treatment

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Essentia Health joins a nationwide study to evaluate medications to find effective, safe treatments for COVID-19.

The meds in the study are already approved by the FDA for other health issues.

Fluticasone is prescribed for asthma and COPD. Fluvoxamine is given to people dealing with depression and ivermectin is used to treat parasitic infections.

The Activ-6 study is open to people ages 30 or older who have been Covid-19 positive for ten days and have two symptoms for seven days or fewer.

It’s expected to enroll 15,000 people across the country.

“There’s a very limited options out there for treating COVID outside the hospital. Early on there was monoclonal antibodies, but that’s intravenous, there was a wait time, there was only particular places that offered that. This is medication that you take by mouth or an inhaler,” Essentia Health Infectious Disease Physician Dr. Rajesh Prabhu said.

Participants will track their symptoms over 90 days through surveys and medication will be mailed out.

Click here for more information or to apply.

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