Sen. Tina Smith explains the importance of passing the Build Back Better Act

WASHINGTON (KVRR) –¬†Democrats are committed pass the Build Back Better Act this month. They say they will do whatever it takes including constant revisions until something gets done.

Senator Tina Smith of Minnesota is confident the bill will pass because of incentives that include early childhood education, clean energy technology and higher quality care for the elderly and disabled.

An over $500 billion investment, Smith urges the country to take lead by passing this bill before another country beats them to it.

“The United States can lead or we can follow, and if we follow, we cede leadership to other places around that will be building out that technology, that will be creating jobs in their countries and their communities,” Smith said.

Smith and Democratic Senator Ben Lujan of New Mexico hosted a virtual rally and stressed the importance of bipartisan support in efforts to curb climate change. Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia is the obstacle that has held Democrats back. Although he does support chunks of the bill, like the early childhood education aspect, he says he plans to vote against it because it will add trillions of dollars to the national debt.

While it doesn’t seem too promising right now, Senator Smith has a lot of faith that even if this bill doesn’t go through, changes are on the horizon when it comes to protecting our planet.

“I believe there’s a path forward with, it might not be called the Build Back Better Act, that’s fine. I don’t care what we call it but there’s a path forward particularly on the climate revisions,” Smith said.

Senator Smith emphasizes the importance of passing this legislation which would create jobs, reduce emissions and protect our environment.

Republicans are worried about long term effects of the $1.75 trillion measure including adding more to inflation, which is the highest it’s been since the Carter Administration.

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