Armstrong says U.S. Capitol police may be spying on Congress, public

FARGO (KVRR) – North Dakota Congressman Kelly Armstrong says he has concerns about a “dramatic expansion” of U.S. Capitol security measures that were ordered in the wake of the Jan. 6 riots.

Armstrong is among 7 members of Congress who are asking for answers about the Insider Threat Awareness Program and records and documents connected to the program.

“This is dangerously close, if not already over the line, to spying on members of Congress, their staff, their constituents, and their supporters, Armstrong said on social media.  “The American people deserve answers on who authorized this and why it’s happening.”

Armstrong is one of seven members of Congress who co-signed a letter which demands answers from the U.S. Capitol Police Board and the House of Representatives’ Sergeant-at-Arms.

“We write to express grave concern regarding reports that the Capitol Police Board has directed the United States Capitol Police (USCP) to conduct background checks and other forms of intelligence gathering on Members of Congress, staff, contractors, visitors to the Capitol Complex, and attendees participating in off-campus and district-based events.”

“A decision to expand background checks and intelligence-gathering to a previously unsurveilled group of individuals constitutes a dramatic and troubling expansion of the USCP’s authority.”



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