Local Musician turns the page on a new chapter with children’s book

North Dakota writer and folk singer Jessie Veeder is doing a community tour hosting work shops at libraries to share her new children's book with her fans.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR)-“I wanted to write it because when I was a kid I didn’t see a lot of girls that looked like me in stories about agriculture or nature. There are a lot of stories about girls with horses and things like that, but what I was really connected to was the natural landscape and the caretaking of animals and how we connect with the land,” said Author Jessie Veeder.

Jessie Veeder grew up on her family’s ranch in western North Dakota, a writer, folk singer and now an author, with the release of her children’s book ‘Prairie Princess.

“Well it’s just a new medium for me and I have these kids and read them books every night and had this vision for a piece of work that is beautiful that depicted the landscape beautifully and was a piece of art,” said Veeder.

The book is dedicated to her two daughters and she says her intent is to bring people of all ages together and remind them of their happy place.

She originally wrote a piece ten years ago that set the stage for the book ten years ago.

“I hope that you know the character in the book looks and feels like any character, like anyone’s little girl or who they were when they were growing up. When I brought it out of it’s box it was like yea finally we have this in our hands and we can share this story of agriculture and a love of place with people now and kids, and then when I showed it to my girls and their names are in it, they were really excited,” said Veeder.

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