Senator Tina Smith explains her support for banning no knock warrants

WASHINGTON (KVRR) – Minnesota Senator Tina Smith discusses her stance on no knock warrants following the Minneapolis SWAT Team shooting and killing Amir Locke who was armed.

“I always want to look at the details and understand exactly how it would work, but in principal I support banning or severely restricting no knock warrants so the tragedy like we saw in Minneapolis, we can protect against that,” Smith said.

The Democrat explains the federal government could ban no knock warrants for federal crimes.

Smith says it’s the job of state and local leaders to make sure public safety is being carried out correctly community by community.

“The most important thing is that, you know, it’s our fundamental promise that people should be safe and feel safe in their homes, in their neighborhoods and in their communities,” Smith said.

Smith says it’s been difficult for law enforcement dealing with stress and mental health challenges as they deal with a surge in crime.

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