Charity held for Moorhead bus driver hit with multiple setbacks

MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) — The community comes together for a Moorhead bus driver who been hit with multiple setbacks.

“Well I’m pretty overwhelmed right now; I have amazing, amazing family and friends. It’s unreal,”  said Renecker.

Terry Renecker is a bus driver with the Moorhead Public Schools. She’s also a cancer survivor who’s been hospitalized recently with pneumonia.

Friends of hers organized a fundraiser within the Moorhead community.

“Terry is a really good friend of ours. We’ve grew up with her and she needed a little help. She’s always there for everybody whenever we’ve needed help so we’re giving some help back,” said Event organizer Marcie Felix

“All we really had to do was spread the word to our friends cause everyone knows Terry and loves Terry, that’s why we’re here,” Event organizer Lori Ishaug

Along with friends and family, some of the students on her bus route also came out.

“It’s amazing, it’s amazing. They’ve supported me all through this ordeal. They were really happy when I came back but I was probably happier, don’t tell them that,” said Renecker.

The benefit served up chili and a silent auction was held with things like household appliances, purses, and artwork painted by Terry’s daughter.

Terry has advice for people.

“It’s been kind of a long road, a lot of therapies, physical and respiratory so you’ve got to put on a good front sometimes. Take care of your lungs. They’re the only ones you will ever have. Don’t smoke,” said Renecker.

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