Fargo-Moorhead supports Ukraine with rally

FARGO-MOORHEAD (KVRR) – The Veterans Memorial Bridge connecting Fargo and Moorhead is the site of a rally for Ukraine and its citizens.

People in the Fargo-Moorhead community are showing their support and Ukrainians are pleasantly surprised by the amount of support the world is showing their country.

“I feel really grateful for the people that came here today to support Ukraine in these stressful and horrible times. It’s really great to feel some support and especially the entire world is now with Ukraine. I… don’t want any people to even feel what Ukrainians are feeling right now,” North Dakota State University Research Assistant Professor Oksana Zholobko said.

An NDSU graduate student highlights some of the differences between Russians and Ukrainians.

“Ukrainian people are not scared to die for their land. I want to deliver the basic difference between our people and I want to deliver to U.S., or people from U.S., that maybe we have a common border but as it reveals on how people think that we are brothers and other words. I don’t think brothers behave like that,” Yegor Polunin said.

“When you have connection with your family…at least you have this feeling that you can control the situation. When you’re not aware about situations in your city, you’ll have a lot of bad thoughts,” NDSU graduate student Bogdan Domnich said.

A man running for City Commission thinks the people of Fargo can do more than you think by contacting local governments about the city’s relationship with Russian companies.

“One thing you can do, if you live in Fargo specifically, is call your representatives and ask to divest from Russia. Not only is that a way to stand in solidarity with Ukraine, but it’s also a way to ensure our own financial security,” Will Thompson said.

A sunset peace vigil is planned for Sunday at Veterans Memorial Bridge.

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