FBI concludes investigation of explosion that seriously injured DAPL protester

Dapl And Wilansky

FARGO (KVRR) – The FBI has completed its investigation of an explosion that seriously injured a New York woman during the 2016 Dakota Access Pipeline Protest.

An attorney for Sophia Wilansky revealed in court documents that the investigation is concluded.

“The FBI has now notified (Wilansky) that it has formally ended and closed its investigation of Ms. Wilansky’s injury, ” according to Wilansky’s attorney, Benjamin Stoll.

The documents do not disclose any information regarding the FBI’s conclusions.

Wilansky sued law enforcement officials and Morton County.  Wilansky claims police targeted her with a concussion grenade as law enforcement tried to prevent protesters from breaching a highway bridge in November, 2016.

For years, Wilansky has been seeking access to the evidence, including shrapnel, propane tanks, and clothing.  Stoll says the FBI has refused requests for access to the evidence on the grounds that it’s material to the FBI’s ongoing investigation.

The FBI has now agreed to turn over the evidence. Stoll is requesting a hearing “to hopefully set a schedule for preparing and executing a testing protocol on this newly available physical evidence.”

Wilansky suffered a serious arm injury in an explosion and had multiple surgeries.  Protesters said her injury was caused by a flash-bang device thrown by officers.  Law enforcement maintains it was caused by a propane canister that protesters had rigged to explode.

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