Concordia College student creates fundraiser to help relocate family from Afghanistan

He says his family's lives are threatened by the Taliban for assisting the U.S Army.

MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) — A Concordia student from Afghanistan is looking to raise money and attention to relocate his family from the country.

He says their lives are being threatened by the Taliban for assisting the U.S Army.

“I’m very worried about the future of my sister, my nieces, and my nephew because if he’s not alive, I don’t know what, I don’t want to imagine what they would have to go through,” said Nasratulllah Elham, student at Concordia College.

Nasratulllah Elham helped his brother-in-law fill out his Special Immigration Visa application about five months ago; they’ve gone through the steps of the process and are still waiting on a decision.

“My sister and her husband work with the U.S. Army in a very sensitive military camp, so not a lot of people in my family even knew about the nature of his work with the U.S. Army. The increasing number of extradition killings have us very concerned, that at any point, if the information gets into the hands of the Taliban intelligence then his life is in great danger,” said Elham.

Ellham tells me the citizens of Afghanistan that choose to help foreign armies are looked down on.

“There is a taboo against people who work with the U.S. Army. Most people who did are not telling it. You know parts of my family including my brother, he worked with the U.S. Army because we share the belief of a democratic and free Afghanistan where people of different religions and faith can live together,” said Elham.

He hasn’t been home since last January but talks to his family frequently.

“They’re feeling devastated, like there is no hope. You know they live in a country where they feel no belonging, they’re not welcomed,” said Elham.

Elham has hope for the future.

“I care about them and that there are people in the world in the US that care about them and that they’re not alone, and that they will be soon able to find the life that every human being deserves,” said Elham.

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