Target of alleged assassination plot involving North Dakota farmer resigns

Kurt Groszhans
Kurt Groszhans

KYIV (KVRR) – Published reports say Ukraine Agriculture Minister Roman Leshchenko, the man Ukrainian authorities claim was the target of an assassination plot involving Ashley, North Dakota farmer Kurt Groszhans, has suddenly resigned.

Groszhans is accused of being involved in a conspiracy to kill Leshchenko, a former business partner who Groszhans claims stole money from him. Groszhans’ family and supporters say the charges are trumped up, and were designed to silence Groszhan’s own allegations of government corruption in Ukraine.

The Ekonomichna Pravda newspaper says Leshchenko had submitted his resignation but gave no reason.

Groszhans moved to Ukraine in 2017, where his ancestors are from. Once there, he connected with Leshchenko, who offered himself as a native speaker with knowledge of the local farming business and regulatory requirements.  Grozhans named him the director of his company.

Groszhans remains in a prison in Ukraine. The State Department and North Dakota’s congressional delegation have been working behind the scenes to secure Groszhans’ release.

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