LIVE: Celebrate National Zoo Day Downtown With Red River Zoo

Free National Zoo Day celebration this Friday


FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Celebrate National Zoo Day this week with a chance to get up close with some of the animals at the Red River Zoo, and learn more about what it takes to keep them happy and healthy.

You can meet critters like Sheldon the Box Turtle at a free National Zoo Day celebration this Friday from 4-6 p.m. at Broadway Square in downtown Fargo.
You can also learn what it takes to keep community gems like the Red River Zoo up and running every day of the year.
The Zoo’s Executive Director, Sally Jacobson, says there’s a lot more to taking care of animals than playing with them, feeding them and cleaning up after them.
She says there’s a lot of science behind zoo work that she’s excited to share with people.

Jacobson adds, “First of all to get downtown and just talk to a whole new group of people, make it easy and free for people to come up and learn a little about the work that we do. It’s really specialized work and I think it’s really exciting when you get to opportunity to talk to kids and they get to ask you whatever question they want about your job, it’s just a lovely experience.”

Find out more about the National Zoo Day event by clicking here.

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