Video: Moorhead man helped injured girl and mother flee Ukraine

POLAND (KVRR) – A Moorhead, Minn. man says he was one of five people who helped escort a Ukrainian mother and daughter into Poland after the girl had been hospitalized for critical gunshot injuries while they fled Mariupol last month.

Mark J. Lindquist said on social media “it was simply chance” that he was able to help Elena Uralova and her daughter, Milena, who survived after being hit by machine gunfire. The Uralova’s story was recently profiled on CNN.

“It was the first family I and three of the others escorted over the border from Ukraine to Poland as we were actually over there in Ukraine for a border volunteer briefing… we hadn’t done anything there yet except cross through customs,” Lindquist said.  “Our guide, an incredible veteran who knew the ropes helped make this escort a huge success. We carried her many bags and hopefully made them feel supported and loved.”

Lindquist says he and his colleagues used a translation app to communicate and build some rapport with the mother and daughter.

“I was able to wheel the young lady across the last half of the border crossing in a wheelchair left there for children and the elderly. I tried to make the ride fun for her while simultaneously understanding that she couldn’t be moved too quickly or jarringly due to her injuries.”

CNN reported last month that Milena spent several days in a makeshift bomb shelter in the basement of a hospital. She has a bullet wound to her jaw. The bullet was lodged in her throat near her carotid artery.

“The image I’ll probably never forget is the moment when these two were reunited with dad on the Poland side of the border. A Marine vet colleague of mine handed them an envelope filled with cash and we waved goodbye to this beautiful and courageous Ukrainian family,” Lindquist said.

Lindquist, an Air Force veteran, suspended his U.S. House campaign and traveled to Poland to provide humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees.

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