Flag raised honoring organ donor Jupiter Paulsen

Fourteen year old Jupiter Paulsen was tragically murdered last year.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR)- Fourteen year old Jupiter Paulsen was tragically murdered last year.

She was a donor and today a flag was raised in her honor.

“Honestly, I feel really honored that they would call me to do the flag raising ceremony. I’s been really hard overall due to, you know, the magnitude of how she was taken. But the fact that her legacy isn’t going to die by that. It’s wonderful knowing that she saved for people,” said Robert Paulsen III, Jupiter Paulsen’s Dad.

Paulsen says his family decided to go the donor route because it’s what Jupiter would have wanted.

“The fact it was a selfless act of donating her organs. I mean, there is still a chance of doing good through it. Your choice is either continue to let it go darker and not help or you can help. That’s how I see it and we chose to help,” said Paulsen III

Her organs went to four people.

“The fact that she saved people with her last breath, it shows the type of person she really was. Outside of being able to play multiple instruments she was great at drawing, singing. She knows how to crack a smile. You could have the worst day she’ll be right next to you to cheer you up,” said Paulsen III

Sanford Health is trying to get more people to consider becoming donors.

The health system is looking many different organs and say if you’re on the fence, you should get the facts from your healthcare provider.

“It’s extremely important because there is so many people on the donor list, the list grows everyday and it’s also actually very easy,” said Melissa Erickson, Director, Case Management, Nephrology.

If you are interested in becoming a donor you can make that choice at the DMV when renewing your license or getting an ID. You can also click here to do it online.

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