LIVE: Cybersecurity Specialists Weigh In On Williston-based Company’s Security Breach

You might want to keep a very close watch on your prescriptions. And your email.

It’s a cybersecurity breach that’s affected more than half a million people.

And may have left their most private information — their health data — exposed for months.

According to cybersecurity specialists at Check Point Software, what happened to Williston, N.D.-based Adaptive Health Integrations is pretty common, for security breaches.

It can take months for companies to discover they’ve been attacked.

This breach happened in October, and the company reported it to governmental officials earlier this month.

Adaptive may have been a particularly juicy target for attackers because of its wealth of health information.

Cybersecurity specialist Tony Sabaj says your health records are many times more valuable on the dark web than your other personal or even financial information.

That includes your credit card number and even your social security number.

Thieves can use it to fill drug prescriptions illegally, even to target people with dementia, vision loss, or other medical vulnerabilities for scams.

And of course, unlike a credit card or bank account, medical information can’t really be changed. And, it lasts forever.

Sabaj Zoomed in live with Emily on the Morning Show to talk about the cyber breach and what you need to be watching out for in the next few months.

The company said the data that was potentially accessed “contained personal information such as names, dates of birth, contact information, and Social Security numbers….This incident does not affect all Adaptive Health Integrations patients and not all information was included for all individuals.

The company also has a toll-free number you can call to get your questions answered, including whether your own information was compromised.

It’s 1-855-618-3106, and it’s open weekdays during normal business hours.


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