Mosquito Count Very Low, But Standing Water Will Be A Problem

FARGO, N.D. (KFGO/KVRR) — Cass County Vector Control Director Ben Prather says the prolonged spring chill has kept the mosquitoes at bay…for now.

The question now is when and how many of the pests we’ll be slapping and swatting this summer.

Prather says there shouldn’t be any problems for the next two to three weeks, but after that, it’s still hard to determine what to expect.

He says there’s no “crystal ball” but he wants the wet pattern to end.

If the rain continues and there’s lots of standing water, it will be the perfect breeding zone for mosquitoes.

That would create severe challenges for mosquito control.

Crews are already doing some surveys and out of the 500 to 600 inspections, one mosquito was found.

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