Downtown Fargoans discuss Island Park’s master plan

The Fargo Park District is still going over suggestions for Island Park's master plan.

FARGO N.D. (KVRR) – The Fargo Downtown Neighborhood Association wants to make sure their voices are heard in regards to Island Park renovations.

“We’re just kinda organizing this little community meet-up to try to get people’s opinions. They’re gonna make a decision on what the master plan’s gonna be real soon. So, do our best to see who’s interested in giving some feedback. Hopefully try to distill that into something that we can communicate to the park board and see if our voices can be heard,” Fargo Downtown Neighborhood Association Board Member Aaron Templin said.

One of the proposals involves moving the swimming pool to what is now a parking lot while another involves expanded tennis courts.

The only sure things about the new Island Park involves an open air amphitheater and a sculpture garden. The only question is where?

“Should the pool be moved? Should the tennis courts be moved? Having an amphitheater in the middle of the park? There’s a lot of different proposals here. We’re just gonna go through it one-by-one. We’re gonna go for a little walk around the park. It’s been pretty awesome that Fargo Parks has been really engaged with the community on this. It’s kind of a new path. I know the commissioners wants to know what you think so this is kinda the opportunity to get on it quick,” Templin said.

Nothing is set in stone yet so it’s not too late to get involved.

“Any residents downtown that are interested in getting involved with the Downtown Neighborhood Association, it’s free and open to anybody that lives downtown. So, we’re kinda trying to get more engagement, do more stuff like this and continue to try to make this the best place to live,” Templin said.

There’s still time to submit your thoughts by clicking here.

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