F-M community gathers for Bans off our Bodies rally

Hundreds of thousands of people across the United States mark a "day of action" for abortion rights

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Many people in the F-M region share their thoughts. Dozens of pro-choice supporters were heard and seen chanting and marching through downtown Fargo, they had signs with many messages. Members of several organizations feel this is a potential crossroads. Rally participants say the crowd was much larger than the last protest and that was a promising sign.

Multiple speakers shared messages dealing with Roe V. Wade saying it’s my body my choice and that abortion should be considered a basic health care need.

There were also a few protestors on the pro-life side.

“The message is resonating with people it’s showing that this is what we want we want our rights and we want them now,” said Madison Ziegler, Grassroots Organizer Planned Parenthood.

“I think this is what shows when we have multiple organizations team up and collaborate and work with the community to really focus on the same goal and show up,” said Caitlin Wachsmuth, North Dakota Win Abortion Access.

“Issue of abortion is really heating up in America with the leaked court case decision it’s more important than ever to be out there representing your side of the issue, and that’s what I really came here to do, I came to show that the pro life movement is active,” Jeremiah Moore, Pro life protester.

Pro choice protestors worry that there is only one active clinic in the North Dakota and if the decision is overturned the effect of trigger laws in North and South Dakota could be devastating.

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