People all across the country make a “day of action” for abortion rights

Many people in the F-M region shared their thoughts during the ``The'' Bans Off Our Bodies ``rally

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) —  Hundreds of thousands of people across the United States made a “day of action” for abortion rights.

Many people in the F-M region shared their thoughts during the ”Bans Off Our Bodies” rally.

“Our bodies hands off, our bodies hands off.”

Hundreds of pro choice supporters could be heard and seen chanting and marching through downtown Fargo, during the  “Bans Off Our Bodies” rally.

“I think the turnout is absolutely amazing it just proves that people want legal accessible abortion. The message is resonating with people, it’s showing that this is what we want, we want our rights and we want them now,” said Madison Ziegler, Grassroots Organizer Planned Parenthood.

They argue abortion should be apart of basic healthcare, currently there is only one active women’s health clinic in North Dakota.

“I’m immediately concerned with access. I feel like that’s the biggest issue. People have to travel hundreds of miles and hours to get to it, and that is ridiculous for healthcare,” said Caitlin Wachsmuth, North Dakota Win Abortion Access.

The rally focused on unity and one speaker acknowledged how the quality of health care and rights for women of color have been an afterthought in the past and their efforts in past movements overlooked, even by there counterparts white women.

“If we’re going to fight and join with this movement we need something to stabilize it. I read somewhere where its like, its better to be a second class citizen to a white man than to be equal to a minority, and we’ve seen it time after time,” said Ritchell Aboah, Local Activist.

There were also a few supporters of pro life that came out.

“Issue of abortion is really heating up in America with the leaked court case decision it’s more important than ever to be out there representing your side of the issue, and that’s what I really came here to do, I came to show that the pro life movement is active,” Jeremiah Moore, Pro life Protester

“Even though if they make these decisions and Roe falls and abortion is banned in North Dakota in 30 days, that people in North Dakota will still need abortions, and will seek abortions, and they will get abortions still,” said Wachsmuth.

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