New Approach ND gathers signatures to legalize marijuana

The goal is for marijuana to be legalized for recreational use for adults 21 years or older.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR)- New Approach North Dakota is holding a weekend drive thru petition event downtown in Fargo, in the West parking lot of Tochi Products.

“It’s been phenomenal. We have about a 100 signatures here, we’ve only been here about three hours. The reception has been all good, the community really feels excited about it,” said Bradley Foster, New Approach North Dakota.

They say this is an effort to allow recreational marijuana use for adults ages 21 and up, and for them to have the opportunity to use it safely in their own homes.

“Goal is kind of two parts, A we want as many signatures as we can get, and B we just really want to raise awareness, you know we petitioned downtown, different places that we are out here. We’re doing this so even if people can’t stop, maybe they’ll look it up, maybe they’ll google it, just spreading the word about it,” said Foster.

Leaders of New Approach North Dakota feel this is a fresh and responsible approach.

“It’s a very reasonable, responsible, controlled legalization measure. Obviously it’s for adults 21 and up, we put very reasonable restrictions and regulations on it,” said Foster.

They also spoke about the possibility of home grown, people growing up to three marijuana plants in their own home. Plants would not be allowed to be openly grown for the public to see.

“We have reasonable possession and purchase limits, we explicitly say you can’t smoke and drive, you can’t smoke in the school, so the thing with this measure is that it makes it so, if you want to consume cannabis there’s ways to do it legally and if you don’t want to consume cannabis, you’re not going to walk into a cloud of marijuana smoke while you’re walking downtown Broadway,” said Foster.

They’re aiming to get the issue on the November ballot. They will need to get a minimum of 16,000 signatures on their petition but they are aiming to get 20,000.

The Secretary of State will review and validate the signatures.

“The turn in date is July 12th which means we’ll be collecting until July 11th, and at that point after we get them all notarized we’re taking them to the secretary of state,” said Foster.

Then the Secretary of State will review and validate the signatures.

“For me personally its about just the dollars, cents and ethics of it, because this is a great option for tax revenue in North Dakota. It can take jobs out of the black market and into the legal market, it makes things a lot safer,” said Foster.

They will be back again in the same spot Sunday from 11AM until 7pm.

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