North and South Dakota Girl Scouts Honored

The Girl Scouts-Dakota Horizons Council holds Honoring Excellence Recognition for girl scouts excelling at serving their communities

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR)- North Dakota and South Dakota Girl Scouts get rare honor after good community deeds.

Organizers gathered scouts from North and South Dakota to be honored with Bronze, Silver, and Gold awards for their impact on their local communities. Some girl scouts have been working toward this goal for 12 years and say scouts builds character, confidence, and leadership skills.

And there were awards for moms and dads who volunteer to help lead the scouts as well.

“It feels absolutely amazing, almost makes me want to cry because I’m so excited to finally see all of my skills and my project all come together and know that I have made it,” said Grace Payton, Gold award winner.

We’re told that only 6% of Girl Scouts in America get the gold award.

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