What all you need to know heading into the polls Tuesday in Fargo

The Polls will open at seven tomorrow morning and people in Fargo will cast their ballots for mayor, two city commissioners, three park board members and five school board members.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR)- People in Fargo will cast their ballots for mayor, two city commissioners, three park board members and five school board members on Tuesday.

Do you know what to bring? Or where to go?

“You know what? It’s always busy. No matter, you know, the same preparation goes into an election whether it’s a midterm primary or a presidential general. As far as we’re concerned, same supplies, same, you know, procedure,” Cass County Election Coordinator DeAnn Buckhouse said.

Billboards, flyers and yard signs are plastered all over Fargo with many candidates vying for votes.

Voters can pull up to the FARGODOME, West Acres Mall Community Corner, DoubleTree Inn, Fargo Civic Center and Atonement Lutheran Church to make their voices heard from 7:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

“We used to have a voting location open in every precinct. The last time we had polling locations in each precinct was in 2018,” Buckhouse said.

Buckhouse says it takes five people per polling place to fill the staff and it got tough finding enough people to work.

“They just did the redistricting for pretty much the whole country after following the census, and that’s just to even out apportionment. And, so, we don’t necessarily have a polling location in every legislative district,” Buckhouse said.

They say the redistricting was necessary due to the population growth in the Northern and Southern regions of Fargo, but they say those same districts will get the correct ballot and that representation matters.

There were leaders from the Afro American Development Association, down at the Cass County Courthouse registering new Americans to vote.

“A lot people that came out of different countries and different ethnicities, so they having a lot of difficulties on the paper. So, we’re out here translating for them, what I’m telling people is that they need to come out, they need their voice to be heard,” AADA Youth Coordinator Abdirahman Abdullahi said.

Fargo has become more diverse over the years, and this election is important to many who call the Gateway to the West home.

“We just want to be a part of this community. We want to do something out here, as a community we want to work together all of us, black, white everyone has to come together and work together,” Abdullahi said.

Fargo has ranked choice voting where people can vote for multiple candidates per race for mayor and city commission.

Click here for more information on the election.

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