Record-breaking Heat Has People Trying To Stay Cool

A weekend heat wave brings record high temperatures to the region.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — We saw our first triple digit temperature for the year.

One weather expert tells us we haven’t seen temperatures like this in North Dakota since the 1930’s.

Heat reaching 100 degrees in June has some wondering what the deal is.

“Part of it is the middle to upper atmosphere so we’re talking 20, 30, 40,000 feet up. You’re getting warm air that is coming in above the surface, so that air is warmer than normal. So that’s warm air that is coming across the western U.S and leaning into us. Near the surface up to about 5,000 feet high there is also warm air that’s coming in from the south and that’s bringing in warm air that is near the surface,” said Greg Gust, National Weather Service.

Greg Gust with National Weather Service says the warmer air above is building heat domes which are big masses of warm dry air, and right now, they’re stronger than normal causing the rise in heat.

This type of heat can have fatal effects. Gust says people who work out and have more fluid respiratory system are better fit to deal with outside conditions, elderly people, and young children are impacted the most.

Staying hydrated, sitting in air conditioning and finding shade to keep your body cool are all crucial.

Experts say things like vehicles can really seal in heat especially when the windows are up so if you are driving around town outside, make sure to turn on your AC.

But they understand that all vehicles don’t have working AC so if your AC is broken, make sure you have the windows down.

Others enjoyed cold treats at the walk-up Dairy Queen in Moorhead.

“On a day like this, ice cream cools you down man. You just need something to get it done, and ice cream does the job,” said Danny Monatukwa, Fargo.

“It seems like ice cream is best on a day like this; it’s a really hot day. Just wanted something cool and sweet to eat,” said Devvin Tisch, Fargo.

One father and son also came out to celebrate Father’s Day.

“Decided we were going to this spot for a little Father’s Day treat in this heat. It’s nice to find a little spot in the shade,” said Aaron Hunt, Bemidji.

“It does taste good, too, but it doesn’t feel good on your hands, a little cold, huh?,” said Cadin Duvall.

On days like today, it’s important to watch for heat related illnesses.

If you’re suffering from a heat stroke, you may experience confusion, slurred speech, profuse sweating, nausea, vomiting or very high body temperature.

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