Minnesota woman’s cloud picture goes viral

A weather picture showing some unique clouds is making rounds on social media.

AKELEY, Minn. (KVRR) – A Minnesota woman says she didn’t even intend on taking the picture.

Theresa Lucas of Bemidji was coming back from visiting family in Rochester for a few days and was on Highway 64 near Akeley. There was a storm brewing over the weekend. Her daughter was afraid at home wondering where her mom was.

“I basically snapped it so Leah would know where about I was. I seriously was driving my car which I know I probably shouldn’t have been on my phone, and I took the photo with my right hand just clicked it, like for real,” Lucas said.

Lucas says it’s one of the quickest pictures she’s ever taken and she didn’t even look at it until she got home. Her daughter saw it and said how cool it turned out.

“It seriously looks like the sky is going to unzip,” Lucas said.

The reaction on social media was unexpected. People are saying it’s photoshopped and that she combined multiple pictures into one. Others say say they would’ve been afraid in that situation.

“It really wasn’t that scary like looking at that picture that I have. I’m like okay. It really looks like the ocean, like the ocean is going to flood down, but, honestly being there, I mean, they were a little scary looking but not like the photo,” Lucas said.

“This is a very rare photo. My initial thought was maybe some basic clouds, cumulus nimbus clouds, or even a shelf cloud, but then after further looking there are some clouds I have never even seen before myself. So, pretty unique, actually,” Meteorologist Mariah Bush said.

If you do happen to get caught in this situation here’s some advice.

“If I’m driving into it and it’s not raining yet, I think it would be okay to snap a photo maybe from in the car, but if you’re driving and there is rain, thunderstorms bring like excessive rain, so I probably would suggest not to take the photo and maybe pull over and and wait for things to pass,” Bush said.

Lucas says she was going through an emotional time when she took the picture and she hopes it will help people live in the moment and focus on the present.

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