Supreme Court striking down Roe V Wade puts pressure on Red River Women’s Clinic

The Supreme Court overturning Roe versus Wade six to three sends shockwaves throughout the country impacting millions.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – The Supreme Court overturning Roe versus Wade six to three is stirring up emotions of people on both sides of the aisle.

Social media is flooded with comments expressing strong emotions.

People are angry, excited, surprised and scared.

Protests and rallies broke out nationwide, here locally a rally was held in front of the Federal Courthouse in Fargo.

North Dakota has a trigger law meaning abortion could be illegal the state in the next 30 days if Attorney General Drew Wrigley signs off.

“Today’s landmark Supreme Court decision returns power to the states where it belongs. Our administration has consistently supported pro-life legislation and this decision is a victory for the many North Dakotans who have fought so hard and for so long to protect the unborn in our state. We will now work diligently with the North Dakota Attorney General’s Office to fulfill our constitutional duty by carrying out the 2007 legislation that is triggered by the overturning of Roe v. Wade. We must now turn to prioritizing women’s health, including expectant mothers and children in need,” North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum said.

“What the Supreme Court just did is an outrage. A woman has a right to make her own health care choices choices. From now until November, we fight,” Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar said.

“Even after the leak came out, it was still a shock to see that they were actually overturning Roe v Wade. So, there were a few of us here at the office, we saw it on the SCOTUS blog and then immediately all our phone lines were ringing,” Red River Women’s Clinic Owner and Clinic Director Tammi Kromenaker said.

“I was like that’s great. That’s wonderful. I’ve been waiting for this day because I truly believe life begins at conception, and we care more about little animals and what happens to them then human beings,” Jenifer Heisler of Fargo said.

“Honestly, I cried. I thought it was really sad and it’s devastating to have something ripped away from you and not have the control or power to say no,” Victoria Jocko of Fargo said.

The Red River Women’s Clinic says the decision could force people that are on the fence about getting an abortion into a quick decision before it’s too late. They also say this will impact women with a lack of resources, people of color and people in rural areas the most.

Some are worried this is just the beginning.

“I don’t think it’s just going to stop at our right to have an abortion, I think they’re going to go after gay marriage and anything else that doesn’t fit within what they think is the right way to have a relationship,” Jocko said.

The clinic will continue providing abortions until they’re ruled illegal and then they will open a new location in Minnesota thanks to a GoFundMe started by an ally. It’s raised more than $335,000.

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