Teens Make Lasting Memories With Pilgrimage To Buttzville

Road Trip To Buttzville, North Dakota Helps Teens Make Memories Before College


BUTTZVILLE, N.D. (KVRR) – A group of five fresh high school grads wanted to make some memories and go on one last journey together as a group before they all went off to college. And I was honored to be able to help them figure it out.

A couple weeks ago a guy named Corey emailed me. He and his friends live in a Twin Cities suburb. He ran across a story I did over a year ago about traveling to Buttzville, North Dakota, a place in Ransom County so small it isn’t even an actual town.
They were now determined to make it from the Cities to Buttzville while checking out great sites in our region along the way. That’s something I can appreciate. He checked out other stories I did last year for stops along the trip, and I emailed him a few other ideas.

And last week, they made their journey. The five college-bound kids went everywhere from Alexandria to see Big Ole the Viking, Fergus Falls to check out the Kirkbride and Otto the Otter, Rothsay to say hi to the giant prairie chicken and Wahpeton with the world’s largest catfish and Chahinkapa Zoo. And they reached their goal and made it to Buttzville. It’s a pic worth framing. In case you’re wondering, he told me they bought the dad-themed shirts because they found a father’s day display and thought it would be a fun joke uniform. I really feel like I would get along well with these kids.

It was a long trip for them, 16 hours in one day there and back. I didn’t even have time to tell you everything the did.
They packed in a lot of fun in our region.

He told me, quote, “We made a lot of memories along the way that we’re all going to keep for the rest of our lives.”

Boy, that warms my heart. Congrats to Corey and his friends for a great trip. I hope they get back together 30 years from now and still talk about some of the memories they made that day, all thanks to a bunch of cool stuff right in our own back yards.


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