Fargo-Moorhead Eats Facebook page gaining steam

A Fargo man creates the "Fargo-Moorhead Eats" page as a hub for food fans around and restaurant reviews across the region.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR)  — A social media page is seeing more activity where you can openly talk about what you’re making and the best restaurants in the F-M region.

Rick Gion used to work in restaurants like the Green Mill and Outback Steakhouse so he understands the growing pains restaurants go through to stay relevant.

“I really know food, I really know the restaurant industry, hospitality industry. I have a lot of chef friends on that page, a lot of servers,” Gion said.

With nearly 2,000 members strong and counting, Gion says he’s seen too many food pages across social media being used for self-promotion.

“The community needs some sort of social media page that’s a little more grassroots, community driven, people driven where people can post stuff they’re making at home, post recipes and post what they’re eating out at restaurants. I just kinda started it, invited a bunch of my friends, kinda blew up from there, we’re at about 2 thousand followers,” Gion said.

Gion wants to use the page as a resource for people moving to the F-M region or those visiting. He says to leave the negative reviews down unless people offer constructive criticism instead of bad mouthing restaurants for petty reasons.

“We’re really encouraging people, when they do restaurant reviews, to try and stay as positive as possible. I mean, I do like honest restaurant reviews but I really ask that people do not torch local restaurants, local bars because with post-COVID we want to be as helpful as possible to those establishments,” Gion said.

Gion wants to add to his social media presence by creating an Instagram group to catch more eyeballs.

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