Red Raven plans to move after lease terminated

After ten years in their current building in downtown Fargo, a local coffee shop, music venue, and hangout will be closing the doors to start a new chapter elsewhere.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Owners of Red Raven received a termination notice on their lease.

A place where people are welcomed to be themselves, Red Raven has been around for 17 years. Ten of them were spent inside this building.

“It’s really sentimental with so many memories here. I think it’s been a place of refuge for a lot of people. Living in the 21st century is really hard.  Living in Fargo when you aren’t like the majority can be really difficult and I think that this place offers a home for people who don’t feel comfortable elsewhere,” said Kate Ryan, Co Operator, Red Raven.

They were forced to close in 2020 because of COVID-19 and were unsure if they would make it, but the community rallied around them and the culture they established.

“It’s been beautiful getting to watch the community flourish after we got to reopen from the pandemic. It’s just everyone has gotten so much closer. There’s so many new faces coming around regularly; it’s refreshing,” said Ryan.

People can come in and enjoy a coffee, and some nights there are different events centered around inclusion.

“Getting involved with the community culinary core has been a big one, the free clothing Fridays, the baked goods ,DIY arts market that we have, there’s a lot of really cool creative people doing work here. And there are a lot of concerts so we’ve got shows going on here maybe weekly, or every other week,” said Ryan.

They’re proud of their contributions over the years to shine a light on the local talent here.

“I think it’s important to provide that space because a lot of art is so commercialized that’s it’s all dependent on if you can afford to buy the materials in the first place, and we offer free materials here and its all about being able to sell your art and know that the place you’re selling it isn’t going to take an outrageous cut of it,” said Ryan.

Even though they’re proud of what they’ve built here, there is excitement about the future.

“Ultimately, I think starting somewhere fresh that’s a little less run down and a little less. The space isn’t as neglected I think it will be easier for us to maintain.” said Ryan.

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