Pet Connection, Puppy Love Edition: Meet Fran & Earl

Fran & Earl got married this week! They're looking to spend their honeymoon in a forever home


Fran & Earl are the cutest couple. These bonded pitties love each other so much, they got married this week at Homeward Animal Shelter.

Fran is 9 1/2 years old. Earl is 11 1/2. They had to go to the pound when their owner couldn’t care for them anymore.

But you can give these newlyweds the perfect honeymoon spot, your loving home!

They’re adorable. They look great in formal wear, and all they want is a nice home to spend time with each other in.

If Fran and Earl are the love story for you, you can meet them at Homeward’s 32nd annual Paws Walk.

This year’s walk is Tuesday, July 18th from 6-8 p.m. at Rheault Farm.

The happy couple will be there. Hopefully they’ll have a home to go to soon after.


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