City looking to silence noise downtown

The Fargo City Commission is hearing complaints from people living downtown about excessive noise like loud music coming from food vendors, and they're finding trash left behind as well.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR)- This piece will share concerns from the city and food vendors worried about their financial futures if they’re forced to move.

Food trucks are a popular spot after bars and clubs close at night, some prefer to end their nights with some greasy goodness. The plans being discussed could limit their hours after 10 p.m. or force them to move from downtown all together.

“The customers are good but the complaints are, yes it is a lot of homeless people that sit in front of my business and stuff like that, and I feel that affects me a little bit, other than that I do feed them too ,” said Terry Cotton, Pick A Bob.

“I think it’s kind of backwards to kill the night life or to blame the food vendors for peoples choices to drink alcohol, and the noise the food vendors we’re not the cause of people wanting to drive loud motorcycles or loud vehicles,”  said Torail Boxley, Bomb Dogs.

The city says these plans are more focused on limiting crime, noise from street performers also, food trucks are caught in the mix.

Terry Cotton owner of Pick A bob is in his second year of business, he’s usually posted up downtown on Broadway from the afternoon until 11 at night on the weekends.

“I like it down here it’s very convenient for us, it’s a lot of people, a lot of foot traffic and stuff like that,” said Cotton.

“He says many of these vendors have been downtown for years working to build their brands with the community, and if they’re forced to move it could be hard for people to find them, which could result in some of them closing,” said Cotton.

“We pretty tight around here we conversate, we express our ideas amongst each other you know. I hope it doesn’t happen that we have to move cause that’ll be a big heartbreak for me and my family you know,” said Cotton.

City reps say more information could be released after the next city council meeting.

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