Animal Rescue page fears Facebook ban for innocent comments

ROLLA, N.D. (KVRR) — A grassroots animal rescue from Rolla, North Dakota is getting flagged by Facebook for seemingly innocent comments.

Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue is a non-profit animal shelter operated by volunteers. Facebook is threatening to ban their page by flagging comments and marking them inappropriate.

None of the comments use any vulgar language. In fact, some of the flagged include quote “She has the most adorable face, doesn’t she?” And quote “So beautiful, aren’t they? Thank you for stopping by,” They say interactions between their followers are essential to their organization.

“It just sucks that we’re afraid to be able to interact with the people that are choosing. They’re making the choice, like, ‘Hey we wanna follow, we wanna watch, we wanna listen,’ and now we’re censored to the point of not being able to communicate with them,” Founder of Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue Keith Benning said.

The rescue started a YouTube page to try and combat the issue.

Benning says Facebook should have a moderator fix their algorithm.

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