First North Dakota Renaissance Faire a huge hit

The first of it's kind in North Dakota, the Renaissance Faire has people lined up to get in even hours after the gates opened.

WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — We talked to organizers, performers, and people who were happy for an opportunity to dress up and express themselves!

Host Don Larenzo, the Baron of Treviso and host of the Faire welcomes the guests into his castle.

“We have many guests because the people of Fargo desperately needed this,” said Don Larenzo the Baron of Treviso, Renaissance Faire, Host.

One of those people is Cassie Mundal, she came from Valley City with some friends.

“It’s just so much fun out here when we first walked up it was kind of like oh are we the only ones dressing up and then we walked in and there’s everybody dressed up and it’s just so cool,” said Cassie Mundal, Valley City.

Mundal made this costume herself, it’s based on one of her favorite characters from the game dungeons and dragons.

“It is one of the most amazing feelings ever to have somebody come up to me and be like, hey I like your horns. Oh my Gosh you have a tail, it’s like the coolest thing ever,” said Mundal.

You see events like these in bigger cities and states but she says to have access to it in her own backyard is a game changer. She won’t have to go out and spend thousands of dollars or travel hundreds of miles to gain access.

“They know a good thing when they see it, they’re good people. We have brought to them jousting, we have brought fire breathing, we have brought a sword fight comedy show,” said Larenzo.

David Doyle and Angie Austin have been performing in the industry full time for years.

“We are the highflying fools we are an aerial acrobatic stunt show,” David Doyle & Angie Austin, High Flying Fools.

“There’s comedy and there’s a cupcake of doom,” said Austin.

The highflying fools had the crowd rocking, they take pride in getting people’s minds off everyday problems.

“Our crowds have been awesome everyone is cheering and having a good time,” said Doyle.

“Everyone is really playful everyone seems to be having fun with each other, which is what you want at a Ren fair. You’ve got a great community, thank you Fargo,” said Austin.

The fun is just starting.

“I would welcome all the people, come to the fair, we are this weekend and next. If you don’t come to the renaissance fair you’re dead to me,” said Larenzo.

If you missed out on Day 1 the event will be back tomorrow and next Saturday and Sunday at the Red River Valley Fairgrounds.

Adult day passes are $25 per day, or $45 for a weekend pass.

For the kids 13 and under, it’s $15 a day and $25 for the weekend pass.

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