Former Sheriff Bill Bergquist remembered for his decades of service to Clay County

He was a father, grandfather, and dedicated family man who loved being involved in his kids' lives, and extracurricular activities.

MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) – Family, friends and former colleagues share stories of Bill Bergquist at his funeral.

They remember the way he was able to talk to anyone.

Old colleagues like former Clay County Judge Lisa Borgen say Bergquist left a lasting impact on Clay County during a career spanning four decades.

During that time he served as Clay County Sheriff and Chief of the Dilworth Fire Department.

“A man that had so many of the characteristics of a true public servant, love for his community, his family, his faith, and the commitment to making Clay County a safe and welcoming home for all,” Borgen said.

“Bill had a huge impact on me. He was always there you know to answer any questions I may have had. He was always there to support me. Emotions were flowing today just because of the entire situation and how much Bill and Bill’s entire family meant to me. Growing up as a young kid early in my years in law enforcement and then his mentorship growing up,” Clay County Sheriff Mark Empting said.

They say they will miss the genuine person he was his sense of humor, and the dedication, and sacrifice he made for this community.

“You know why one side of the flock of geese is longer than the other side? Because there’s more geese over there. That was Billy’s go to joke and I know I’m not the only one that’s heard it in this room,” Former Moorhead Police Officer Chris Carey said.

Bergquist was part of the Dilworth and Glyndon Police Departments before joining the Moorhead Police Department in 1988. Carey joined that year too. They were on the midnight shift together.

“We worked four out of five shifts together which meant we had two out of our three days off together. We were part of the baby brigade in the Moorhead Police Department,” Carey said.

He says even then Bergquist was mature and had his life in order as a professional and family man.

“It was definitely a hard day not only for myself but for the family, for all of law enforcement, and fire and EMS people that were there. These aren’t easy funerals to attend, when it’s a fellow brother, whether their active or retired it’s still very difficult. It’s a huge impact that he’s made on all kinds of people as you can tell just from the amount of support he’s received from the outside agencies, fire departments and rescue squads. Bill was just a genuinely caring man, just a good man, with a good heart, and yeah this is going to be a huge loss for the Clay County community for sure,” Empting said.

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