F5 Project Founder Drops Out of Cass County Commission Race

Adam Martin 081822

FARGO (KFGO) — The founder of the Fargo-based F5 Project that promotes criminal justice reform has decided to drop out of the race for Cass County commission.  Adam Martin tells KFGO News that his priorities have shifted.“I had an opportunity to start a treatment center, something that I’ve always wanted to do,” Martin said. “With that, I’ve spent a lot of time in groups – people who are just getting into treatment, new to recovery, struggling with mental health and addiction – and realized the impact I can have working with people rather than me spending time in a room deciding how people should live their lives.”Martin said besides the shift in focus, his bid for commission led to discord with community partners and he was relieved to put it behind him. “It just created a lot of contention, especially during this election process,” Martin said. “So, I’m actually kind of happy that it’s going to be done and I can go back to normal, building partnerships and building up the community and just cutting out all that contention and red tape.” Martin is not ruling out a run for public office in the future.“It’s just not my time yet,” Martin said. “There’s still a lot of people in our community that need help. I just don’t want to waste all my time talking about water and tax incentives for rich people, rather than working with people who are below the poverty line and need treatment.”Martin’s departure from the race leaves commissioner Duane Breitling unopposed in the November election.

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