Trey Lance’s High School Comes Watch Him Practice Against The Vikings

Lance's 49ers in town for joint practice ahead of preseason game Saturday

EAGAN, Minn. — Its day two of the Minnesota Vikings hosting the San Francisco 49ers at the TCO Performance Center for joint practices before their preseason game on Saturday There was a bit of a different feel with some special guests in attendance.

Lance was excited this offseason to find out his team would come back to his home state for the week. He’s been taking reps against two veterans in the defensive secondary, safety Harrison Smith and corner Patrick Peterson, even throwing a 65 yard touchdown beating them both in coverage, however, what the Former bison didn’t know is the Vikes paid for buses to bring his high school Marshall’s football team to watch it all.

The QB paid for the team’s lunch and then returned the favor taking in their practice at Eagan high school.

“Every time you open something up. Trey is on it. As a high school kid, he was everything you wanted in an athlete,” Lance’s high school coach Terry Bahlmann said, “Leader in the school. First one at practice. Last one to leave. He was an outstanding basketball player. After games, he would lift weights. Just a great role model for our football program.”

“Some ups and downs. Excited to watch it back for sure. Go to go against another defense one on one,” Lance said about the joint practice. “Seven on seven. Redzone. Everything against another team. New stuff they’re doing this year. It’s fun to practice against. They gave a lot of good looks and our very talented. With a lot of guys who have played a lot.”

Lance won’t play in the game, however, you can watch it on KVRR Saturday at 6.


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