Island Park Pool Sees Record Crowd on Final Day, New Pool To Open in 2024

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Fargo Park leaders share plans for construction updates and others share memories they will cherish.

“We love to swim!”

Kids are taking in the final days of summer, and enjoying the vibes at Island Park Pool.

“It’s been pretty nice, I’ve been out here for four and half hours, or something around that just enjoying the last day,” said Korbin Ercink, Fargo.

“We love it, it’s free, there are humongous diving boards that we get to go on, and my mom and dad aren’t here,” said Asher Kobrinskoy, Fargo.

The pressure of school returning is in the back of their minds.

“It’s kind of insane because school starts in like four days,” said Sophia Garcia, Fargo.

These last days of relaxation are crucial.

It is the last day and I had to ask guys are yall ready to go back to school?

“Noooo!,” said kids.

They will have to cherish these final moments forever because big changes to the pool are coming next year.

“Instead of the waiting pool we’re going to have zero depth entry for kids and people with all abilities that can get in and enjoy it, with some small play features with that,” said Dave Leker, Fargo Park District Executive Director.

They have had this current set up for 45 years.

“Once we shut it down this year we’ll finalize our design plans and our construction documents and, look at doing demolition probably in March next year.  Hopefully with a good spring we’ll get started in late April early May,” said Leker.

Leaders with Fargo Parks say most pools need renovations after 30 years.

“Something new that will be coming to Island Park is the lazy river and then we’ll also have two slides. We’ll have a tube slide that will eventually dump into the lazy river so people can relax. Also we’ll have a fly time slide which is a 35 foot slide that’ll actually you know, throw kids in the air a little bit, so they can kind of do tricks and stuff like that,” said Leker.

He says they’re also adding a five meter platform for people to jump off of which is six and half feet higher than their three meter board.

People will cherish the memories made here but there is excitement for the future.

“I like the idea that in a couple of years we’re going to have a water park out here and we’re just stuck with tiny pools right now,” said Ercink.

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