“Relief for All” Tax Cut Plan Announced for North Dakotans

Burgum Taxes 082422

BISMARCK, N.D. (KVRR) — Gov. Doug Burgum introducing a legislative plan to provide the largest state income tax relief package in North Dakota history.

It would replace the individual income tax rates with a single, lower flat tax.

That is estimated to save North Dakota taxpayers $250 million annually.

“This will allow North Dakotans, hard-working North Dakotans, to keep their money to help offset inflationary expenses but also to invest in their families and invest in their communities,” said Burgum.

The individual income tax burden would be eliminated for those making under $55,000, or under $95,000 per couple.

That is nearly 60% of the state’s taxpayers.

Those with higher incomes would pay a flat tax of 1.5%, a reduction ranging from 26% to 48%.

The plan will be introduced to the legislature for passage when it convenes in January.

Democrats responded with House Minority Leader Josh Boschee of Fargo saying, “We support lower taxes for working and middle class families in North Dakota, and supported tax relief in the special session. We are open to discussing support for continued temporary tax relief, while balancing the other priorities facing North Dakotans. We need long-term tax stability to address the issues facing every community in our state. At this point, I don’t think a permanent, flat tax is the answer and is a big gamble with North Dakota’s future.”

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