Walz fights to give frontline bonus pay to Minnesotans working in other states

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MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) – Governor Tim Walz said, if elected to a second term, he will fight to allow Minnesotans working in other states to get frontline worker bonus pay.

Walz’s original plan gave $1 billion to those workers and $1 billion to workers and businesses in the hospitality industry. That was modified by the Legislature. Only workers living in working in Minnesota for 120 hours between March 2020 and June 2021 are eligible for bonuses.

The bill Walz signed funding bonus pay included $17 billion in reduced property taxes, fully funding schools and inflation reducing checks.

“Walking away from a deal that would have had the largest tax cut in Minnesota history that would have fully eliminated the social security tax and provided for a renters’ credit… I am open anytime to expanding that and I do want to include those workers,” Walz said.

Walz said at a public signing of the bill the state needs a second chance at helping all frontline workers.

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