International Potluck brings diverse communities together

MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) — United by food, diverse cultures integrate with one another at an international potluck event in Moorhead.

Cultural Diversity Resources, a non-profit based in downtown Fargo, hosted the event at MB Johnson Park as part of this year’s Welcoming Week.

Their mission is to serve as an intercultural bridge to strengthen connections and empower ethnically diverse communities.

Moorhead Mayor Shelly Carlson even made an appearance and was honored to have a chance to speak about the city’s diversity and enjoy the food.

Many shared their homemade dishes from Iraq, Kurdistan, Somalia and Liberia.

The community enjoyed the cool, fresh air and talked about their experiences moving to the F-M region.

“It’s really creating a sense of, we live here, we work here and we see that we have a belonging to this area that we want to stay and the sense of belonging is also creating a feeling that you are valued and supported by your community members and, in return, you’re also contributing to your community to make it a better place and a quality of living that’s for all of us here,” says Yoke-Sim Gunaratne, the Executive Director of Cultural/Diversity Resources.

She adds it’s important that people from international communities have a sense of belonging when they move to the F-M region where they could experience culture shocks.

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