Roller Skating makes a comeback, thanks to social media

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Check your clocks because it’s not in the 90s anymore. Roller skating is making a comeback.

Some say it’s because the pandemic gave people an excuse to try tying on roller skates, looking for outdoor exercise and relief from lockdown boredom.

There’s also a larger nostalgia in fashion and music for the ’70s, ’80s and disco, symbolizing the last time roller skating was big around the country.

In Fargo, officials at Skate City say its versatility by adding roller derby and hockey leagues has kept people around the area.

Though, it seems social media is making a bigger impact on why we’re seeing more skaters roll around.

“With COVID, our numbers went down for a while but TikTok brought it back, man. Everybody was taking little videos of them roller skating down the street and stuff like that. People were like, ‘Oh, I gotta get into skating now that it’s super cool.” So, it has boomed. We’re not super big like we were 20-30 years ago but we’re still pretty big,” says Thea McCrackin, General Manager at Skate City.

She says Skate City’s popularity has remains constant even before the pandemic because kids and their families always enjoy hosting birthday parties and other events there.

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