More Remains Found On Campus at UND

GRAND FORKS, N.D. (KVRR) — UND leaders announce they have found additional Indigenous remains in the School of Medicine & Health Sciences, along with possible human skeletal remains used in the teaching of anatomy.

It follows the announcement in late August that 250 boxes of Indigenous remains and artifacts were discovered on campus earlier in March.

Ever since they were discovered research has been underway to figure out why the remains were on campus.

UND President Andrew Armacost said at the time that they may have been used as teaching aides.

In a just released statement to campus, Armacost and the Dean for the School of Medicine wanted to ensure everyone that the artifacts and remains are returned to their tribal nations.

Joshua Wynne, M.D., the Dean for the School of Medicine says UND’s Repatriation Committee will determine the respectful and appropriate way to return to the remains to their ancestors.

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