UPDATE: Comic’s Sold Out Show in Fargo Rescheduled: He Got Stuck in Bismarck, Learns About “N.D. Nice”

Bert 111022
Bert Kreischer/Facebook

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR:UPDATE) — Bert Kreischer’s sold-out show scheduled for Friday, November 11 was rescheduled to February 28 due to weather.



BISMARCK, N.D. (KVRR) — Comedian Bert Kreischer finds out all about North Dakota nice when his tour bus got stuck in the blizzard in Bismarck.

“Hey Bismarck. If you got a snowplow I know you’re probably using it right now. We could use some help. We’re stuck outside Dan’s Supermarket,” Kreischer said on his Facebook stories.

People started showing up near the Dan’s Supermarket to help free his bus.

Some even showed up to share some alcohol.

Kreischer and his new friends toasted the freeing of his tour bus.

“Cheers to North Dakota!” he said.

Kreischer was scheduled to perform at Bismarck Event Center Thursday night but the date was rescheduled to March 22 due to the storm.

He has a sold out show at Scheels Arena in Fargo Friday night.

Kreischer is known for his standup specials on Netflix and for his podcasts including “Bertcast” and others.

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