Moorhead vet helps deliver medical supplies to Ukrainians in need

A Moorhead man and Air Force veteran returns to the Red River Valley to share his experience helping deliver medical supplies in Ukraine.

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Mark J. Lindquist says he and his team of vets were in Ukraine for about six months and people there still need tourniquets, burn bandages and first aid kits.

He met one woman around 80-years-old about 10 miles away from the Russian border where a rocket landed across the street, destroying much of her home. It gave him perspective on why he chooses to help Ukrainians win their freedom.

“If America is the leader and I’m an American military member who raised my right hand and signed my life away to Uncle Sam, writing a blank check with my life, up to and including my life, those are the same principles that we fought for that the Ukrainians are fighting for today. These people are longing for the same freedoms Americans fought for 246 years ago,” Lindquist said.

He says he plans to go on lecture tours to spread awareness on how Americans can help.

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