Plenty of deals to be had on Black Friday & Plaid Friday

FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) – Were you worried about finding the best buy for your cousin Macy and doing it in an express fashion?

There were many shopping options to choose from in Fargo for Black Friday. Many people filled West Acres looking for the perfect gift for friends and family.

“My brother, he got me some stuff, so I just got him some stuff that he likes,” Lewie Ostrom said.

Others were happy to enjoy their friend’s company.

“Are you looking for stuff too? Or are you just having a good day?” Reporter Austin Erickson asked.

“Just having a good day,” Easton Thornton said.

Some are making it an all-day event.

“I was out earlier with a friend of mine, and, so, this is round two and three. So, it’s their first time Black Friday shopping, so it’s been kind of fun to pass along the tradition,” Leandra Ostrom said.

In Downtown Fargo, small businesses call the last Friday and Saturday in November something different. Zandbroz Variety, Boots and Heels, Stabo and Unglued are celebrating Plaid Friday and Small Business Saturday. If you wear plaid, you get discounts. Staff at Zandbroz say they heard about stores in Oakland, California doing it and decided to give it a try. It’s been a staple for 10 years.

“The idea is, sort of, a more fun way to make shopping fun instead of doing the Black Friday business and it’s just to celebrate small businesses in our community and highlight the creative endeavors and the uniqueness that makes our community what it is,” Zandbroz Variety Manager Josie Danz said.

Danz believes the community aspect of downtown leads to great relationships with customers.

“The small businesses in our community and communities across the country are really what define their cities. You can go to the big box stores anywhere, but it’s really the interaction that you’re going to have at a small business and unique items and displays that they make that really, sort of, define your community,” Danz said.

If you shop at Zandbroz Saturday, there are discounts on holiday items.

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