Moorhead teen who lost her parents shares the importance of Live United Give United Day

FARGO-MOORHEAD (KVRR) – It’s Live United, Give United Day in Cass and Clay counties.

It’s a chance to raise awareness and inspire action to help families who are homeless.

The non-profit hosted a poverty simulator to give people a look into the difficulties of people having to watch their bank accounts closely.

“We can’t deny that inflation is happening. A dollar doesn’t go as far. When we think about that Cliff Effect, we think about living paycheck to paycheck,” United Way of Cass-Clay President/CEO Karla Isley said.

Participants learn about how people in poverty in our area pay for bills, food, transportation, medical expenses and find a job. A family of four earning less than $28,000 a year is considered living in poverty. That’s one in nine people in our area.

One of those people was Kristen Devereaux. When she was 17, she lost her parents and had to take care of her siblings. She someone from the United Way at school in Moorhead.

“When I met Amy, I wasn’t doing good. I was homeless. I lost both my parents and I just moved down here to Moorhead and I got into bad things,” Devereaux said.

Amy made sure Kristen was taken care of.

“She helped me get my glasses to see, EBT, clothes to wear, Medicaid. And she was there for support. If I wasn’t at school, she gave me a call,” Devereaux explained.

Her new friend was Kristen’s beacon of light.

“If it wasn’t for Amy, I wouldn’t have gotten that support I needed and I wouldn’t have realized what my worth was,” Devereaux said.

The first $50,000 in donations is matched by sponsors. Twenty-six dollars provides a two-night stay for families.

“We don’t see the 1,000 individuals on any given night experiencing homelessness in our communities and 20 percent of them are children. So, I think about 200 kids make up an elementary school,” Isley explained.

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