Anti-abortion leader appalled Red River Women’s Clinic Director receives human rights award

MOORHEAD, Minn. (KVRR) – Anti-abortion advocates are stunned the Director of the Red River Women’s Clinic received a Human Rights Award from the Moorhead Human Rights Commission.

Tammi Kromenaker was not at the City Council meeting Monday to accept the award.

A representative with Pro Life Action Ministries believes giving it to her is despicable since one of the three people involved in an abortion is killed.

The Human Rights Commission says Kromenaker worked every day to make the Red River Women’s Clinic’s move to Moorhead possible after Roe versus Wade was rescinded by the Supreme Court.

“Do you basically see it as the City of Moorhead condoning abortion?” Reporter Austin Erickson asked.

“Absolutely. This is something that the City Council needs to take a look at. I believe they appoint this Human Rights Commission. Where is the leadership in that community? Where’s that elected leadership?” Tim Miller with Pro Life Action Ministries said.

“She continues to put women in the area first without judgment and uses funds that were raised to help patients with basic expenses,” Vice Chair of the Moorhead Human Rights Commission Siham Amedy said.

Kromenaker won the award in the civic/community category.

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