Tips to “winterize” your vehicle amid bitter cold temperatures

People across Fargo-Moorhead are braving subzero high temperatures.
WEST FARGO, N.D. (KVRR) — Cold temperatures are here to stay and auto repair shops are getting busier as subzero temperatures linger.
A service specialist at West Fargo’s Firestone says more people are stopping by whenever an emergency notification lights up in their car.
They say to be aware of the tread of your tires when there’s a stark difference in temperatures.
“With cold weather, every 10 degrees it drops, you’re going to be automatically losing a pound of pressure. So, when it’s going from the 30s to the negative 20s, you’re losing a pretty decent amount of pressure. That light is going to pop on and it’s saying that you’re gonna be needing to air up your tires. That’s a pretty big one that we see all the time,” says Angel Trapp.
She says it’s vital to have your batteries checked regularly and to have extra supplies on hand to keep you and passengers warm in case your vehicle breaks down.
“It doesn’t hurt to have jumper cables, a tow rope. If you get stuck, anything that you can think of. You should keep a towel, a blanket, something in your car in case, worst comes to worst and your car is not running but you need to keep warm, you need to keep your passengers warm. Heaven forbid there be a child in the vehicle you need to be able to keep warm. So, having a blanket, having a towel, an extra jacket or 2 or 3 depending on how many passengers you keep in your vehicle is never a bad idea,” Trapp said.
She says to check your coolant if you’re having issues with heat.
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