‘Boucha’ documentary to highlight life and career of Native American NHL legend

WARROAD, Minn. (KVRR) — A Native American Minnesota hockey legend is returning to his hometown as part of his documentary.

Henry Boucha, a former player with the Minnesota North Stars and Fighting Saints, is partnering with Twin Cities PBS to create a documentary about his life and his time in the NHL.

“I reached my goal at such a young age and to have the tragedy that happened and then going into a tailspin. Wondering what to do? I wasn’t getting any help from the Players Association. I wasn’t getting any help from the National Hockey League. Ended up having to sue them for compensation lost and we’ve settled out of court. It was the way they kind of pushed me out of the league,” Boucha says.

Hockey fans remember Boucha as a victim of a highly publicized stick incident when David Forbes of the Boston Bruins effectively ended Boucha’s career, causing severe eye damage.

“I was a broken man. I ended up drinking a lot, feeling sorry for myself, hating hockey. It went on that way for a long time.”

Boucha will share his story about everything leading up to the incident and the struggles he’s had to endure since.

“I want racism in there but I don’t want to dwell on it. I want the subtleties of how I felt as a young man. There’s a lot of good things, too that I want to bring out. The community involvement, the joy of growing up in a small community,” said Boucha.

After moving back to Warroad to raise his kids, he realized the tough lesson to let go of the violent assault.

It became a wake-up call regarding his relationship to the game.

“You come to the realization where you gotta give that forgiveness. That was a big problem with me with Dave Forbes. I finally just let it go and forgave him for shoving that butt of the stick in my eye and causing all the problems that I had and I hated hockey because of what it did to me. You come to the realization that you had everything because of hockey. Then, you fall in love with it again as a coach watching your players evolve and progress and then you become part of the community again,” said Boucha.

The documentary will likely be released in 2024.

Boucha will be honored during the Warroad Hockeytown Classic December 29th at the Warroad Garden.

The film crew will be there and are urging the community to attend.

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