MNDOT say roads across region could clear up by Thursday

MINNESOTA (KVRR) — With temperatures warming up, experts say expect much of the ice to come off roads by the end of the week.

The Minnesota Department of Transportation says maintenance crews quickly began working on Interstate 94 and Highway 10 as it started to warm up overnight. They’re using motor graders to help break the ice as crews continue work on Highways 75, 9 and 32. They say precipitation amounts mixed with bitter cold temperatures early this winter made the storm unique.

“This was a very unusual storm. Just the amount of water content of the snow, the rain and then the snow. The ice didn’t have a lot of air voids in it. We got our icebreakers running. They’re roller, they kind of have teeth that go into the ice. We have ice cutter blades on our motor graders, and we’ll be using salt as the temperature rises, salt becomes very effective,” Assistant Maintenance Manager at the Minnesota Department of Transportation Kohl Skalin said.

He says they tend to be cautious of how much salt they use because of high winds. He expects noticeably drier roads by Thursday afternoon.

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